"The process in which I have developed is chaotic and tension-filled. It is a melding of the biomorphic patterns found within nature, and the dangerously destructive glitz that surrounds them. The photographic capturing and digital-rendering of images is where the compositions begin to visually tansform into vivid colors or remain black and white prints. The influence of broken glass as an image, mirror, texture, reflection, or shadow is apparent in my work. I use spray paint, ink, acrylic, and woodcut in between each of the layers of partially integrated images that morph with the use of transfer methods onto wood panels. The number of layers I transfer is not predetermined.

As I peel away remnants of paper after each transfer, I begin to build piles of recyclable snow at my feet. This allows the dimensions to evolve and produces the necessary challenges to create structure and control. The painstaking importance of the choices I make to balance and destroy emerges by illuminating and exploring landscapes seen throughout nature compared to the man-made objects that I photograph. I use the contrast and repetition of patterns to visually empahsize ornamentation throughout the painting. I utilize decoration to convey emotion and form an overall sense of clarity.

Similar to the painting hybrids of Fabian Marcaccio, traditional painting theories are combined in a unqiue style with photography, sculpture, and digital printing techniques. Within this relationship, my processed path of destruction begins to form a new complex structure. My work is about personal risk which is also Charline von Heyls preference. Her work is a process that involves adding, obliterating, and combining different images. She does this with a bold and unapologetic desire to invenst the unseen. Marilyn Minters uncomfortable images of glamour, her notions of beauty, and the constant distortion happening around us, can be comparable to the mind set of my work. Her work is similar through the complexity of pleasure and the relationship it has to fashion, cultural anxieties, and desires.

The work I have to show defines my experiences and the endless possibilities and ideas through continued development and progressive change. It is in the confusion and saturation of every layer that the audience can find the pathwork of concepts between the glitz of shattering glass and a comfortable anguish."